Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank

Privacy Policy

The Uttlesford Children’s Clothing Bank (UCCB) is a volunteer led charity which collects and redistributes children’s clothing to families in need. The UCCB is the controller of the personal data you provide to us.  

What we need 

Professional/referral data: 

Only basic data will be collected by the UCCB. This will be name, organisation, contact number and email address of the professional requesting our help. In terms of the client/family you are supporting, we do not want any data that relates to their identity. We only ask for the items you require, age range, sex and the first four characters of their postcode. 



We will keep the following data: name, email address, contact number, home address and information you provide on how you are able to help. 

 Donors/mailing list: 

The data you provide to enable a donation will be deleted from the email account unless a request is made to go onto our mailing list. The mailing list will contain the following data: name, email address. 


Why we need it 

UCCB will keep only the minimum data that it needs to in order to provide the essential clothing items requested and to keep those who have agreed to us storing their data informed about the service.  

Non personalised data relating to the number of items requested, referrals fulfilled and basic geographic areas will be used on occasions to provide an analysis of use and operation of UCCB to direct future action. 

We collect data for the following reasons: 


Professional data: 

We do not request, store or process personal information about the individual/family who will benefit from our help. We do process personal data about the professional individual who has requested our assistance through the agreed referral processes. This enables us to contact the professional, check the organisation is registered with the UCCB and provide the specific items of clothing that are needed.  



The data will be kept to enable the UCCB to contact you with requests of help and keep you informed of relevant needs and activities of the UCCB. 


Mailing List: 

This data will be kept to enable the UCCB to send out specific updates and news. 


You have the right to request your details are removed at any time. 


How we obtain it 

Data will be collected in the following ways: 

  1. Provided directly by you on a registration form, referral form or email 
  2. From Frontline 
  3. When you provide permission to other organisations to share it (Facebook) 


 How we Store Data 

All data is held securely in password-protected electronic form, and is accessible only to the UCCB Trustees who are responsible for managing the process of receiving referrals and organising the responses to them. This will be viewed only in secure locations and cannot be overseen or looked by any other. 

The UCCB website uses HTTPS to enable secure communication over the computer network. 


Sharing Information 


UCCB will not share any of the information with a third party. It does not engage anyone external to the charity to process any of the data. It will never sell the data we keep about you. It does not make use of any automation or profiling with your data. 

We only disclose information to third parties or individuals when obliged to by law, for the purposes of national security, taxation and criminal investigations or if you have agreed that we may do so. 


Retaining Information 

We will only hold your information for as long as necessary for the purpose it has been agreed to be used for.  

If you decide you would no longer like us to contact you or be on our mailing list, we will remove your data from our data storage. 


What are your rights 


You have the right to see the data we hold, and to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data. If at any point you have any queries relating to the use of your personal data, or if you wish to lodge any objection to the data processing as described above, you can contact UCCB by email at uttlesfordclothingbank@gmail.com, (or by post to the above registered address). You also have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office 

 You can cease to have your data held by us whenever you wish by emailing us at info@uccb.org.uk and at that point we will permanently delete all identifiable personal data which we hold relating to you. 

 You can change the way you hear from us or withdraw your permission for us to process your personal data at any time by contacting us on info@uccb.org.uk 



Registered charity:  1193329